Don't Panic it's only history repeating itself.

Some might argue that the two worst things that ever happened to human existence are governments and religions, which where one and the same for hundreds of years. Even though they were created by man and have moved civilization forward, there have been a few glitches along the way. Wars and other inhuman activities come to mind. Was it in our DNA?  If your an Evolutionist it would be hard to explain why other species and predecessors haven't evolved with those traits. If your a Creationist it's easier just to say "the devil made us do it's.

Maybe we just learned it with our BIG brains? Oh. It is a learned survival mode that has been passed on from generation to generation. Does that mean humans a basically nuts? Doing the same thing  over and over expecting different results.

Everything we perceive through the five senses about our universe is only happening between our ears, but it's through the filters of our learned 'beliefs' that create our reality. Kinda like the Wayne Dyer book: 'When you believe it, you'll see it'. No two objects can occupy the same coordinates in space at the same time. So everyone else has a little different take on everything. Opinions?

But survival requires most  people to learn the same beliefs or your will be cast out or worse. Crucified?  The battle cry of youth is 'rebel and be different'. Has anything really changed? Or is it just the cycle of repetition? Is Prophecy just self-fulfilling or recognizing the old patterns?

Don't Panic! We made it this far.