Long Live the Craftswoman

Long Live the Craftswoman Beatrice Wood lived to be 105 years of age. She was known as the Mama of Dada the Avant Garde art movement of the WWI era. She created beautiful pottery in her studio in Ojai, CA. A genius of her craft. Just like her pottery, her life was also a work of art. She crafted her living. Craftsmanship was once regarded as a valuable attribute of one’s expertise in a given realm of creativity. and it was attained through various steps from ‘apprenticeship’ to ‘journeyman’ and finally ‘Master of the Craft’. This could easily be applied to any endeavor one might pursue, whether it be crafting a business, a lifestyle, or even success. It takes time, and persistence, and perspiration. To truly master any activity requires desire and a lot of practice. There are no short cuts or quick fixes. As time goes on the crafts person develops a ‘feel’ for the material they are working with. The sculptor here’s what the block of marble is speaking to him/her. The Art of crafting one’s life is the process of taking the raw materials of relationships and experiences then patiently shaping, refining, and assembling them into a personal work of art.