Somethings You Keep

I make things out of stone. Simple rocks that were formed billions of years ago. Since the times of our earliest ancestors humans have been using rocks to make things. Most of what we know about them comes from the only remaining artifacts that they used to record what was important to them. Cave drawings and petroglyphs were rendered on stone walls. Hieroglyphics were engraved in stone on ancient tombs. The Pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge in England, and Macchu Picchu in Peru are examples of important ancient stone structures were made to last, because they were very important to that culture. 

But what do we have in today's world that will tell future civilizations what was important to us? Or, even as individuals what will be a remembrance of who we were to future descendants?

Most of our precious 'stuff' will end up in a garage sale or a landfill in just a few years. 

What would you do with your beloved pet's collar or leash when they are no longer waiting for you at the door?

How about the day you have to go to your Grandmother's house to empty out all the closets and drawers after she has passed and take all the 'stuff' to Goodwill  Or worse, the dump? Now imagine you find a little cigar box full of old faded papers and tiny objects that turn out to be the very first Christmas card and gift you made for her when you were in kindergarten. That's right. You found her treasure. 

Are you just going to heap it onto the same pile of obsolete tech junk that you've decided is worthless? 

O.K. maybe it's time to go and blow your nose and dry your misty eyes.

Somethings You Keep, not because of their monetary value, but the priceless memories of a love shared.

Sometimes we need a little reminder of what is important to us humans, and what really MATTERS.