The Spiritual Age

Born at the end of the Industrial Age and moving thru the Information Age, and now the Social/Virtual Community Age I have observed a longer, but continuous element of human evolution.

Man's 'spiritual' evolution has been gradually moving in the direction of increasing self-awareness and self-guided mindfulness.

One of most noticeable changes can be seen in the levels of spiritual activity by the individual. Now more than anytime prior, personal participation in spiritual awareness is coming of age. No longer complacent or content to be the spectator in traditional/doctrinal religious experiences, more people are seeking their own self truths. 

The outwardly observable manifestation of this can be seen in the general discontented disillusionment by the younger generations seeking a tangible and stable feature in their lives.

As technology coupled with consumerism have created a culture where 'The Next Big Thing' is being announced on a weekly basis the idea of the true 'Self' has been replaced by rapid reinvention of one's worldly identity. "What shall I become today?" , is unsustainable and has resulted in many of the adverse cultural traits.

Even though these negative effects are easily observed in the statistics of modern developed countries in terms of literacy, academics, and physical well-being, it is less obvious in the realm of social interaction. 

Outwardly the connectivity of internet has created an amazing global culture of shared experiences and ideas. However, it has brought with it the increasing isolation of the individual and the decline of essential social skills. Namely, 'Face to Face' interactions. Even the ability to speak in complete and understandable sentences with  a fundamental vocabulary has become almost extinct. Forget morality and accountability because nothing is real and nobody cares. I can always hit Delete or ESC, disappear and reappear with my new identity.

Nevertheless, the benefits of digital universe greatly outweigh the detrimental effects. For those individuals that embrace a lifelong learning experience it is a dream come true. The wealth of knowledge is nearly infinite. Even words of wisdom from the greatest thinkers that ever walked the earth.

So what does this all have to do with 'spiritual evolution'?

With so much 'Stuff' competing for our mind's attention we rarely have time for our very own 'imagination' and to browse the depths of the inner self that we were born with. Though the image we see in the mirror is changing with the passing of time, we are still the same person inside. 

That unique, one of a kind, perfect 'You' that has been locked deep inside under layers of cultural conditioning has been patiently waiting be set free and shine. As man's spiritual awareness increases the desire to arise during this worldly experience is finally becoming a reality.

Are we finally understanding that we don't have wait until this little life is over to experience the one constant truth that never changes in the very core of our being, the rock solid foundation of all human existence? The 'I AM' within? Just say 'YES GOD', and believe.