What Now

Just imagine what a field day Kurt Vonnegut would have with digital content and the misguided directions of humanity. Where are we going? What will we do when we get there? Oh Boy! Let’s go to Mars. We haven’t even figured out what’s here on earth. Well we need more room for all the people. Maybe we need to get away from all the crazies.

One of Vonnegut’s books either ‘Slapstick’ or ‘Deadeye Dick’ talks about how the Chinese figured out how to become very small like almost microscopic, and at the same time how to control the earth’s gravity. They could increase gravity on the other side of the earth and make all the elevators in New York come crashing down and men there could not get an erection. Population problem solved, but that still doesn’t address the incredible amount of hideous content in the digital atmosphere polluting the human brain. Maybe our first priority should be that of getting unstupid.
Occam’s Razor would make an excellent Kickstarter/Indiegogo project together with a digital version of Rolaids to take before viewing the latest viral music videos. Did I hear a a note of dissent from the social media pile of poop? We don’t need 3D glasses or VR goggles to observe all the selfies with bodily contours that resemble the profile of the Himalayas and their facial features that appear reptilian. However, this does not address the vast amount of evidence presented on YouTube that the aliens inhabiting earth out number the crazies that make those videos. All those unemployed mainstream media wannabes trying to join the IllumiNutty. Don’t worry, you can always hitch a ride on Nibiru when it does it’s flyby. Just stay clear of the fire and brimstone.