Where have YOU been?


There is no lack of advice about  'how to do anything', but mostly how to get more attention on social media and get rich and finally find 'TRUE' happiness. Millions of people and businesses looking for millions of gullible customers to buy into their stories. Right!

Free trial (with valid payment source). Of course you won't even have to decide if you want to continue after the free trial expires, because it defaults to auto renew and you've been charged. Now, you are feeling REALLY HAPPY aren't you. Conned again. Don't beat yourself up for being a trusting decent person. But now you know the real source of your unhappiness. How many lies have you been told throughout your one little life? I'll tell you. Everything that comes out of the WORLD's mouth is untrue. Not just the media, governments and religions, but everyone except your grandmother maybe. Basically, anyone who was not trying to take something from you had no reason to tell you a lie. Everything in this world is only about the money. EVERYTHING! (directly or covertly).

The only thing you need to find true happiness in your life is become still in a quiet place, stop all the mental chatter, and world induced thoughts, and listen to yourself. Your TRUE self will tell you what you really want or would like to be doing and then it will say: "Be True to Yourself".  The world makes it very hard to listen to yourself. So, take a deep breath and and simply say "NO".

Then every time a thought that is not from your true self starts pulling you into the muck just remember 'NO'. In time your  'bullshit' meter will be on autopilot and you will know a freedom beyond your most wonderful dreams.

Now you know where you have been, so it's your turn to decide where you are going. Trust YOU!