Here are just a few of the comments by recent and repeat customers.

Including Videos, emails, and letters.




1. From: Bonnie R.

 "Wow! you are super fast. I'll have my brother pick it up when he's there. Thank you."(wedding gift)

2. From: Sandra B.

"Thanks. It is really special!!!   Beautiful."    

 (wedding gift)                                       


3. From: Jerry M.

"Hi Roland,
it is a difficult decision they are both beautiful. We will go with Bear #1
Thanks so much.


4. From: Cheryl W.

"> Hi Roland, I’m finally sending you a big THANK YOU for  the great stone work you create.  I love my pudding stone paperweight and the green trees that I purchased from you this summer.  I’m attaching a couple pictures.  We have two small decorative cabins I’m putting the trees with – however, one is already packed away as my husband and I are hoping to sell our house next year and build down the road on some property we own (getting ready for that retirement phase of our lives!).
> I’m sure Joan was behind all of us getting the stones you created with our names (I saw her over there talking with you the day before) – if you haven’t done one yet for Joan, and have a pudding stone around that you could use, could you please create one for her – I’ll happily pay for it.  I know you created a Meyer Garden one for her – it’s great, too!  But I’d like her to have one similar to ours.  Just let me know how much it costs and I’ll get the $$ to you.  But please keep it a secret from her who paid for it (if you can make it)!
> Joan says you’ve been doing  a great business this year – wonderful news!  Looking forward to seeing you again next summer when the Lunch Bunch visits in July.  I’ve always wanted a Roland original – now I have two!!
> Until then, have a wonderful day and many thanks"

"You’re great – thanks!!"


5. From: Jean V

"Wow! That is too cool, the stripe went all the way thru! Kennedy is going to be so proud :) Thank you 

 I attached a pic of the newest addition to the family as well...I figured you would get a kick out of the pics :)
Hope all is well, Jean"
6. From: Al K.
"Hi Roland,
  It is absolutely right on target for what I had in mind.  I would prefer to send you a check if you provide a mailing address.  I don't do any on line credit card stuff.  I will get a check out to you immediately.  I head out for a month of work this coming Sunday.  I would prefer that you keep it at your location even after I pay balance.  We will be back in the spring but possibly for a very short time in mid November.  It is not a rush at all. Just let me know what you think.
Look forward to hearing from you!"
"Hi Roland,
  I really like the way the stone turned out!  Let me know if you need the balance now or when we come up.  I believe we will be able to come up before Thanksgiving so I will let you know what day when we firm it up.  I am out in Colorado right now.  Thank you for making the stone a reality!"
1. From: Martina H.
letter 1
letter 2
2.From: Carol D.