Age Defying Body Lotion

$ 48.75
  • Age Defying Body Lotion

Age Defying Body Lotion

$ 48.75

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Unrivalled hydration for supremely soft skin

Unlike ordinary body lotions that use basic moisturisers, Age Defying Body Lotion with Kanapa™ is a no-expense-spared body lotion in a class of its own. Living up to its name, it contains the key anti-aging ingredients that we use in our age-defying face creams to significantly penetrate the skin and increase suppleness and smoothness.

This light-weight formula meets the daily needs of all skin types, and is enriched with moisturising plant butters to provide significant protection against dryness. It is also fortified with powerful antioxidants to help restore, protect and soften the skin.

Safe to use during pregnancy, Age Defying Body Lotion contains Kanapa™ which may help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and soothe irritated or cracked skin.

After many years of R&D, we had a breakthrough last year with Xtend-Life Kanapa™. Found only in Xtend-Life products, it is specifically designed to minimize and prevent visible signs of aging, while delivering intense hydration and boosting radiance.


  • Soothe and calm dry damaged skin
  • Reduce bumps and uneven texture for smoother skin
  • Offers optimal daily hydration and protection

Key Ingredients

Age Defying Body Lotion with Kanapa™ is the perfect full-body hydrating experience to soothe dry, damaged skin and leave it velvet soft.


1. Kanapa™– Xtend-Life’s unique ingredient is clinically proven to help restore the skin and keep it supple and smooth.

2. Crocus bulb extract (Dermcom) – The cream-colored petals of the Crocus bulbs contain unique anti-aging properties and with regular use helps to visibly reduce redness in stretch mark areas.

3. D-Panthenol – This form of vitamin B5 penetrates readily into the skin to soften and hydrate, while promoting healing and restoring damaged skin.