Xtend-Life Foaming Facial Cleanser with Kiwi Fruit Extract

$ 23.75
  • Xtend-Life Foaming Facial Cleanser with Kiwi Fruit Extract

Xtend-Life Foaming Facial Cleanser with Kiwi Fruit Extract

$ 23.75

Brand: Xtendlife


  • Superior, uniquely crafted foaming cleanser
  • Contains New Zealand Manuka honey, which protects skin from breakouts and acne
  • Hydrates while deeply cleansing dry skin with New Zealand Kiwifruit extract which significantly increases the moisture retention properties of the skin
  • Paraben and BPA free, this quality cleanser is ideal for all skin types at all ages and in all climates

Publisher: Xtend-Life Natural Products


Tired of chemical-laden face wash products that dry or irritate your skin? Our Foaming Facial Cleanser is the first step towards a healthy skin - for both male and female skin.

Contains Natural Manuka Honey - Rich in vitamins, minerals and natural proteins that help nourish your skin. Manuka honey is a luxurious moisturizer that also offers antibacterial agents which aid in reducing breakouts and acne.

Includes Oxi-Fend® Kiwifruit Extract - With very high antioxidant activity, Oxi-Fend® kiwifruit extract works to defend cells against free radicals that make you look older before your time. This elite form of kiwifruit also delivers significant moisture-retention properties and the ability to restore a natural pH of 5.5 to your skin with every wash.

Uses No Harsh Chemicals - Every ingredient was hand-chosen for inclusion in this breakthrough natural face wash to refresh, moisturize, nourish and restore the natural balance of your skin. Plus, it's completely paraben free. Unlike other facial cleansers, it won't aggravate conditions such as eczema.

Feels Amazing - Washing your face becomes a spa-like experience. The rich, foaming action gently lifts away dirt, toxins and makeup then rinses clean without any residue or greasy feel. Your skin is left soft and radiant.

Has a Light, Fresh Scent - Who needs heavy fragrances? This not-so-obvious, fresh scent is derived from the natural ingredients that comprise this unique face wash.

Contains local New Zealand ingredients combined with others imported from Europe.